Earn Two Degrees in Four Years

PACE students enter college with the support of two academic institutions: Austin Community College and the University of Texas at Austin. Participants co-enroll at both schools for one year. They take the majority of their classes at ACC Rio Grande and are eligible to live on the nearby UT Campus, where they complete 3 credit hours per semester. Those who fulfill the program requirements go on to finish their bachelor’s degree at UT. Credits they earn there can also be applied toward an associate degree from ACC. That means many PACE students earn two college degrees in just four years.

What ACC offers PACE students:

  • The opportunity to earn an associate degree while working on their bachelor’s.
  • Affordability. Tuition at ACC costs 80 percent less on average than it does at other area colleges.
  • Free tutoring.
  • Expert advising. Counselors at ACC and UT work together to ensure each participant has a comfortable and rewarding experience.
  • Access to a variety of academic support services and student activities.
  • Quality coursework at the historic Rio Grande Campus, just 1 mile from the UT Tower.


Enrollment in the PACE program is determined by UT-Austin. Learn more

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